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Digitalization opens up new possibilities for generating a wide range of valuable information. Against this background, Frauscher is presenting its latest products at this year’s InnoTrans under the motto: “Discover intelligent sensors: Innovations to simplify railway operations”.

Intelligent sensors for more efficient track vacancy detection

Based on proven knowhow and the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), Frauscher has created a new wheel sensor. The evaluation of the signal has been integrated directly into the sensor, which now works as an intelligent device on track. By integrating additional sensing modules, it generates even more information than established models, enabling additional and more efficient railway applications to be implemented. The sensor’s digital output and the ring architecture – based on a specifically developed bus system – hugely reduce the cabling requirements.
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Benefits in the future of track vacancy detection:

  • Digital output
  • Network capability
  • More information
  • Less components

Continuous Monitoring of Assets (ACM)

FTS constantly monitors the acoustic signature of the wheel-rail-interaction. Using optimised algorithms, this provides insight into the change of the condition of various assets when trains are passing. Degradations and damages of fixed infrastructure components, such as the rail, fastenings, sleepers or the track bed are monitored. Based on ongoing trend analysis using defined indicators, warning or alarming messages are sent to the infrastructure manager. The operator is then able to identify maintenance tasks at a very early stage. This enables a much more efficient planning, controlling and execution of maintenance activities. Thereby, FTS supports a complete shift from regular and time based maintenance cycles to condition based maintenance.

High potential for enhanced maintenance:

  • Identify changes in the condition of various assets at a very early stage
  • More efficient planning and controlling of maintenance activities
  • Requirement for condition based maintenance
  • Increased track availability and less maintenance effort

Train Tracking: Localisation in real time

According to the requirements of train tracking as a main application, the focus was on enhancing the accuracy and reliability of four key data sets: front end of a train, rear end of a train, speed and direction. Continuous calculation of an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at a specific point can optimise applications such as passenger information or platform announcements. Exact train position and train specific speed profiles enable more efficient train movement and traffic management.
To optimise the output of the FTS, the measuring method has been developed further. By increasing the number of interfaces with other sensing systems, additional data can now be evaluated allowing even more valuable information to be generated.

In particular, we are talking about

  • Real-time train location
  • Optimized train running sequence
  • Monitoring of speed profiles
  • Applications based on ETA

Axle Counting: Greatest flexibility and optimum integration

Frauscher axle counters are able to provide higher-level systems with a great deal of information beyond just train detection. At the same time, they can be integrated very effectively into interlocking and signalling systems using state-of-the-art software and hardware interfaces. Connection to a high-performance electronic interlocking is possible both via a customer-specific interface and the freely available Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE protocol. All Frauscher axle can be quickly and easily configured, commissioned, maintained and adapted by both system integrators and operators. Various tasks during installation and operation can be accompanied by innovative tools.

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC offers:

  • Simple and flexible configuration
  • Software interface
  • Flexible architecture
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple project management

Wheel Detection: Reliable and precise solutions for various applications

Highly available wheel detection systems are an integral part of a wide variety of railway applications, from simple switching tasks to fail-safe train detection. Modularity and flexibility of the hardware and software components are key factors in being able to guarantee optimum operation, even when subject to the most stringent requirements. This means that the presence, speed or direction of an axle can be reliably detected under all climatic, technical and operational conditions.

Frauscher wheel sensors – the right product for every application, from pure switching tasks to fail-safe fail-safe train detection:

  • RSR123: Highly resistant to electromagnetic interference
  • RSR180: Proven technology – universally applicable
  • RSR110: Open analog interface and easy to integrate

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